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Spa Hotel Belvedere Dr. Pohoreckeho Františkovy Lázně - accommodation and healing in Franzensbad..

Three-star Hotel Belvedere Františkovy Lázně, situated in a beautiful park, offers a beautiful view of the promenade Isabilinu. The house has 67 spacious single and double rooms and 1 suite. The rooms are categorized into Economy Plus, standard and comfort. Other accommodation bidding in nearby outbuilding Roya and Lužnice. Guests can park directly at the hotel.

Room facilities: The Belvedere is a classic spa hotel with the nostalgic charm of the "good old days". All rooms have a bathroom with shower and toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe (surcharge), internet (for a fee, free internet at the reception and in the lobby bar), television with satellite channels, refrigerator and safe. The rooms are divided into different categories. The higher the class, the greater the room.

The rooms of the Kat. Economy Plus have the above-mentioned features and a smaller living space. It looks out over the courtyard or the Husova Street. The rooms are accessible by stairs only.
The rooms of the Kat. Standard are slightly larger than the rooms of the Kat. Economy Plus and offer views of the Husova Street.
Some rooms of the Kat. Comfort have a balcony, mostly with view into the park.
The apartments have two televisions, one each in the living room and bedroom, and a balcony.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomApartment

Furnishings of rooms: bathtub, shower, toilet in room, safe, TV, sat tv, minibar, hairdryer, WI-FI

Basic information: lift, laundry, Information service, medical services to hand, paid shuttle, safety box, reserved parking Lot, massage salon, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser, WI-FI

Accessibility of facility:

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: Indications and spa treatments

The Franzensbader Heilkur: connects to the more than 200 years old spa tradition of Franzensbad, uses only local Franzensbader natural remedies of the highest quality, uses classical healing methods and also applies the most modern methods of medicine, is directed by specialists and trained medical staff, in specialized therapy departments of the Spa hotel directly in the historical spa center of Franzensbad, also supported by a 24 h medical service directly in the spa hotels.

The Franzensbad spa cure is therefore the guarantee for a successful spa therapy in Franzensbad.

Gynecological diseases, heart and circulatory system, oncological diseases, preventive program, digestive system, nervous diseases, skin diseases, diabetes

Diseases of the support and movement apparatus

In Franzensbad, we treat the entire range of diseases of the support and movement apparatus, of rheumatoid arthritides, osteoporosis, extra-articular rheumatism, functional disorders of the spine, and postoperative states of the support and movement apparatus. Osteoporosis and diseases of the spine are the most common, but by no means only, indications. The spa treatments help both patients before the development of the disease, as well as patients in different stages of the disease. Above all, they help to stabilize the disease.

For the healing of the support and movement apparatus, we use especially the Franzensbad sulfur and iron-containing peat, which alleviates the pain of patients with arthritis of the knee, hip and other joints without any side effects. The sulfur compounds and natural steroids contained in this mire have a positive effect on chronic inflammation and are helpful in the regeneration of the joints. A long-lasting healing area is established after completion of at least 10 to 12 treatments during a cure. This is supplemented by a suitable movement therapy.

In addition, the treatment can be supplemented by numerous physical therapy applications, for example by magnetic field therapy, laser and ultrasound applications, distance magnetic field therapy which significantly alleviates the painfulness of large joints affected by osteoartherosis or rheumatic diseases of the small joints and accelerates their regeneration.

We also treat the support and movement apparatus positively by means of whole-body or local cryotherapy (extra-payable power) which, at a temperature of up to minus 160 ° C, alleviates the painfulness of the joints, inflammatory processes in the affected joints Improves immunity and helps arthritis patients to better mood by flushing endorphins.

Indications: rheumatic polyarthritis, extra-articular rheumatism, Bechterew's disease, psoriasis arthritis diffuse diseases of the connective tissue of the type lupus erythematosus, polymyositis, scleroderma, Sjögren syndrome, osteoporosis
    Painful syndromes of the tendons, attachments, mucus bags, subcutaneous tissue, fats and skeletal muscles, including ailments caused by handling vibrating tools and unilateral overloading, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, other localized arthrosis (including hepatic polyarthrosis with involvement of the toes and Finger joints), painful, vertebrogenic syndrome of functional or degenerative origin
    Conditions after accidents at the movement apparatus as well as after orthopedic operations, including the conditions after intervertebral disc operations and constrictions of the spinal canal

Spa treatments: group physiotherapy - vertebro / exercises according to the SM system, individual physiotherapy / physiotherapy, moor packs, moorbad, paraffin packs, magnetic therapy, diadynamics, ultrasound, interdyn, gasinjections, classical reflex massage, soft techniques, carbonic, , Underwater pressure jet massage

The number of spa treatments as well as their combination are determined by the physician according to the current state of health of the guest as determined during the initial examination. As a rule, the treatment plan contains 18 spa treatments per week. The guest should only attend one main application per day.
Our specialists in the spa hotels Imperial, Pawlik, Savoy, Belvedere, Goethe, Dr. Adler, Metropol and Luisa specialize in diseases of the support and movement apparatus.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Cryotherapy, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Paraffin therapy, Therapeutic physical training, Bubble baths, Massages, Hydrotherapy, Lymfoven

Natural therapeutic sources: Carbon dioxide water, Peloid mud

Treating diseases of indication: Oncological, Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Digestive organs, Nervous disorders, Motion organs, Female and gynaecological disorders

Other types of therapy: Acupuncture

Spa stays:

Name: Franzensbad healing cure

Number: 398

Description: Quality guarantee of the spa treatment in Františkovy Lázně: The spa treatment in Františkovy lasts for more than 200 years of spa tradition, uses local natural healing remedies of the highest quality, uses classical healing techniques and applies the modern methods of medicine by specialists and qualified medical personnel. The spa cure in Františkovy Lázně is therefore the guarantee for successful spa therapy in Františkovy Lázně.

Included services: Accommodation in a spa hotel and a room category of your choice, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), medical examination, 18 therapy treatments per week after medical prescription and current state of health, free entrance to the Aquaforum, Imperial, Pawlik - Aquaforum: Monday - Sunday, Belvedere, dr. Adler, Metropol and Luisa: Monday - Friday, extensive and varied cultural and leisure program

All prices per person and related to the Franzensbad health cure, including the following services: treatment (medical examination, 18 treatments per week after medical prescription and current state of health), accommodation, full board • 24 h medical emergency service, emergency care in Germany • Reduced or free participation in our Cultural and excursion program • Unlimited admission to the Aquaforum (Mon - Fri)

* For arrivals between 18 and 31 December, the minimum length of stay is 14 nights. Our offer of shorter stays includes the current price list for special offers and short term stays. Within this period, the following compulsory supplements have to be paid: Christmas 50 € per person, New Year\'s Eve 110 € per person.

Amount of days: 7

Price of accommodation:
2.1. - 18.12Hotel BELVEDERE ***13440 - 1708012950 - 16170Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Hotel Dr. ADLER ***12390 - 1603011620 - 15120Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Hotel IMPERIAL ****20020 - 2569017990 - 22960Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Hotel LUISA *** / JESENIUS **11620 - 1512010710 - 14000Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Hotel METROPOL ***11620 - 1477011270 - 14350Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Hotel PAWLIK - AQUAFORUM ****18550 - 2275017080 - 20930Czk 
2.1. - 18.12Lázeňský hotel Imperial ****20020 - 2569017990 - 22960Czk 

Name: Short stay Weekend

Number: 343

Description: Spend a weekend with us!

After a hard working week, recovery is more important than ever before. Treat yourself to good food, a relaxing massage or a pleasant sparkling pearl bath. And in addition to all this you go dancing!

included services
2 overnight stays
Half board (full board can be purchased)
2 Therapeutic treatments (classic partial massage, relax bath)
2x two-hour entrance to the Aquaforum (free entrance for guests of the spa hotels Imperial, Pawlik and Savoy)
Welcome drink
Free entry to live music events in the bars of spa hotels
Bonus in Hotel Imperial - Extras for you: Welcome package with surprise, 1 festive dinner

Prices for all other categories on request.
The stay begins with dinner and ends with breakfast.
Full board is available.
The tourist tax (currently 15 CZK per person per day) is not included in the price.

Amount of days: 2

Price of accommodation:
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Belvedere ***3 700Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Dr. Adler ***3 500Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Goethe ***3 500Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Metropol ***3 500Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Pawlik **** budova A4 840Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Pawlik **** budova B4 740Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Hotel Savoy ****3 640Czk 
1.1. - 20.12Imperial Superior ****5 600Czk 



Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomApartmentApartment
1.1-31.1211608701160 (Komfort)1450 (Apartmá)

Currency: Czk

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: All prices are per person per Františkolázeňská course of treatment that includes: treatment (tour physician 18 procedures per week prescribed by a doctor according to the current health status), accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) • Medical service 24 hours a day • discounted or free admission to events organized as LFL • Unlimited access to Aquaforum (Monday - Friday) * When arriving 18 to 31 December 2016 - is a minimum stay of 14 nights. Stays less than 14 nights, please see the price list for special offers and short breaks. Within this period, you must pay mandatory surcharges: Christmas 1450 CZK New Year's Eve 2900 CZK per person.

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SPA hotel Belvedere Františkovy LázněSPA hotel Belvedere Františkovy LázněSPA hotel Belvedere Františkovy Lázně
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