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SPA Bechyně Hotel Libuše Bechyně, Bechyně Accommodation

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Spa Bechyně spa hotel Libuše - accommodation and healing in Bechyne ...

Bechyně Spa Hotel Libuše is one of the oldest spa towns in the Czech Republic, formerly known today for its high standard of care and proklientský approach. We treat mainly arthritis and arthrosis, Bechterew disease, metabolic disease affecting the joints, pain syndromes tendons and muscles, preoperative and postoperative conditions (TEP), osteoporosis, nervous, and more. Peat, peat imported from own Komárov on the nearby moors, is our main source of natural healing.

Bechyně Spa: Proven spa treatments, such as mud and bubble bath additives, mud, honey and chocolate wraps, underwater, classical, relaxation, stress management and aromatic massages, hot stones and sea shells, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, paraffin , dry carbonic baths, gas injection, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic exercise and swimming in the pool, group and individual therapeutic exercise, aqua-aerobics, Finnish and steam sauna, solarium, nordic walking, accompanied by food prepared in a nutritional therapist.

The historic bathhouse Libuse offers very economical accommodation in single and double rooms. All spa treatments, including swimming in the pool are served in the neighboring spa hotel Olga, where you will also find a bar with comfortable seating and a continuously manned reception and a dispensary.

Bathhouse Libuse - Services:
- No lift procedures outside the house
- Bathroom facilities outside the room
- Single and double rooms
- Common TV room

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: radio, WI-FI

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, reserved parking Lot, barber - hairdresser, WI-FI, restaurant

Accessibility of facility:

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: Bechyně Spa: Spa stays - we treat you:

Bechyně Spa Ltd. private medical facility that specializes in the treatment and recondition of the locomotive system. As a natural healing source is used peat, pryskyřnatými rich and aromatic substances, which benefits from its own spa bog in Komárov moor. Spa Bechyně new stage began in 2003, when the commissioning of the new bathhouse Olga, who became modern accommodation and a central medical facility. The most modern treatment methods and individualized care of experienced and helpful staff dedicated to each client baths contributes to the popularity of the known therapeutic stays at spas Bechyně

Nervous Diseases (indication group VI)

Musculoskeletal diseases (Group VII)
VII / 1
Rheumatoid arthritis st. I.-IV. (including juvenile arthritis)
VII / 2
Ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew's disease)
VII / 3
Other seronegative spondyloarthropathies (psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, enteropathic arthritis) and reactive (parainfectious) and secondary arthritis
VII / 6
Metabolic disease affecting the joints (gouty arthritis, articular chondrocalcinosis, ochronotic arthropathy etc.).
VII / 7
Primary and secondary osteoporosis (especially of inactivity), in particular with muscle spasms paravertebrálními
VII / 8
Painful syndromes of tendons, ligaments, exchanges, subcutaneous tissue, fat and muscles including conditions caused by work with vibrating tools, rheumatism and localized
VII / 9
Koxarthrosis continually treated
VII / 10
Gonarthrosis continually treated
Jul / 11
Arthrosis in other localisations (including Heberden's polyarthritis with an impairment of hand and feet joints)
Jul / 12
Vertebrogenic algic syndrome of functional or degenerative origin, continually treated
Jul / 14
Conditions after injuries of the locomotive system and after orthopedic operations, including conditions after surgeries of intervertebral discs and stenoses of the spinal canal
VII / 15
Conditions after orthopedic surgeries using joint compensation
Jul / 16
Preoperative preparation before a planned joint replacement
Skin diseases (indication group X)
X / 7
Conditions after burns and after reconstruction surgery where there is a large scar shrinkage, within 6 months of healing

Spa services: Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Drinking regime, Cryotherapy, Oxygen therapy, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Mechano-ergotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Dietary therapy, Gas injections, Paraffin therapy, Therapeutic physical training in swimming pool, Therapeutic physical training, Massages, Natural additive baths, Ultrasound, Hydrotherapy, Natural carbonic bath, Lymfoven, Solárium, Baths

Examination procedures: Check-up by Physician

Natural therapeutic sources: Carbon dioxide water

Treating diseases of indication: Nervous disorders, Motion organs, Skin diseases and burns, Vertebroge syndrome

Other types of therapy: Relaxation walks


Description of restaurant: Modern fitted kitchen provides you with healthy and tasty food. Meals for you to draw professionally trained nutritional therapist and experienced staff prepares dishes led by head chef with years of experience. In addition to regular meals offered diets No.4 - saving, 8 - reduction and No.9 - diabetic. The menu offers a large selection of finished and quickies and tempting sweets.

We offer three categories of catering:
- Standard
- Standard Plus
- Standard Super


Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person
1.1-31.12275 - 505

Currency: Czk

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Price includes accommodation for 1 person / night.

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SPA Bechyně Hotel LibušeSPA Bechyně Hotel LibušeSPA Bechyně Hotel Libuše
BOOKING - Non-binding order

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