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SPA Dolní Lipová WELLNESS HOTEL VILLA GROHMANN Lipová, Lipová Accommodation

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WELLNESS HOTEL VILLA GROHMANN *** is the main spa house of Schroth's spa, which is located in Dolní Lipová on the border of Hrubý Jeseník and Rychlebské mountains. It is a spa with a long tradition. Spa care is mainly focused on the treatment of non-infectious skin diseases (especially psoriasis), metabolic disorders and respiratory diseases. The reception is central for all spa houses, located in the Marta building in the spa area. Wellness Hotel Villa Grohman offers comfortable accommodation on the 2nd and 3rd floors. in total in 15 rooms. On the second floor, the rooms are equipped with twin beds and the bathroom has a shower. On both floors there are divided double rooms with a double bed and a shower. An extra bed can be placed in the room. On both floors there are also 2 Superior Suite apartments with a large bedroom, a living area with a sofa bed (for up to 2 people), a seating area, a work desk and a bathroom with a large corner bath. In the building there is a main spa kitchen with dining room, restaurant, wellness Tilia. The building is equipped with an elevator and is wheelchair accessible. Parking is free of charge and is provided at Villa Grohmann, or it is also possible to park in the adjacent parking areas in the spa area.


At Villa Grohmann you can enjoy accommodation in one of 11 classic or 4-suite double rooms. All are luxuriously furnished and have a separate bathroom with shower, toilet and hairdryer, the apartments have large corner baths. Extras include satellite TV, a work desk, armchairs and wardrobes. Extra beds can be ordered. All rooms are covered by a high-speed Wi-Fi signal with free internet access. The technically equipped conference hall has a capacity of up to 100 guests, 2 smaller lounges can also be used. Accommodation with pets is not allowed here.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: bathtub, shower, toilet in room, frige, TV, telefon, internet Connection, sat tv, crib available, Shared Bathroom, Shared Toilet, sink in the room

Basic information: secretary services, laundry, Information service, medical services to hand, paid shuttle, depository bicycle, non-smoking rooms, safety box, parking garage, reserved parking Lot, massage salon, pedicure, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser, restaurant

Credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, EuroCard/MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Visa

Elevation above-sea-level: 538

Description of vicinity: Dolní Lipová's Spa Clients have the opportunity to visit cultural and social events that are held both in the village of Linden Spa, but also in the nearby Jesenik. These actions are informed by notice boards at the library and the dining room spa (spa house Moravanka). The spa is a cafe Sunshine, where 2x a week, dance evenings. Lovers of good books will surely be happy with the selection of books in the library with a non-smoking Spa café, which is open from Monday to Friday (bathhouse Marta). Every day you have the opportunity to read the daily newspapers and the book good coffee or fragrant tea. The spa reception for information about cultural events, places to visit, information about the attractions of our region. In partnership with CA Stoptour enable those interested to purchase common trips by bus.

Suggestions for hikes: Spa Dolní Lipová - Tips for trips: Beautiful Jeseníky nature will surely lure for long and short-tours - spa near those less savvy and demanding there are a number of marked hiking trails in our mountains. It should of course have the proper equipment - sturdy shoes, sportswear and forget the cape. With us you can rent or buy sticks for Nordic Walking. In addition to its feet, you can also bike saddle. Our region offers plenty of opportunities for cycling. You can bring along your own bike or use the services of car rental. From June to September it is also possible to use cyclobus that will save pedaling uphill and allows you to travel on the bike longer distances.

Cultural activities: Johann Schroth Museum Lipová - Spa is located directly under the railway station Lipová - bath, approximately 200 m north of the church in Lower Linden. MUSEUM Vincenz Priessnitz Jesenik SPA. MUSEUM OF VETERAN CLUB CZECH VES. The museum is a collection of historical motorcycles, cars, historic furniture, club trophies, documentation motor movement Jeseníky region known successes presentation of autocross racers, kart, motorcycle, and more. PILGRIM CHURCH OF OUR LADY ASSISTANT (Mariahilf) Pilgrimage Church of the Virgin Mary near the town of Golden Mountains. Original place of pilgrimage (the time period of the 30-year war)

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (0 m)

Name of train stop: (800 m)

Airport name: 180 Km (Ostrava), 200 km (Brno), 250 km (Praha) (180 Km)

Bus terminal name: (200 m)

Railway station name: (800 m)

Store: (200 m)

Ski-bus stop: v areálu, při 10 a více osobách

Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

What's treated (indication) in Dolní Lipová Spa - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová:

Treatment of skin diseases - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: The spa has a long tradition in the treatment of skin diseases in children and adults. The most common diseases that are with us are treated psoriasis vulgaris, atopic eczema, scleroderma, occupational dermatoses, as well as other chronic non-infectious skin diseases (eg, lichen planus, ichthyózy, dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring ...). The treatment is a combination of alloying bath with a dry wrap and phototherapy, the application of dermatological ointments according to original recipes spa in patients with joint system is an integral part of the therapy, Rehabilitation specialist care by experienced therapists using the latest equipment. Each patient is first examined by a specialist course dermatologist, event. medical rehab and treatment program is tailored to individual needs and difficulties. The spa is also available digital dermatoscope for expert examination of pigmented nevi, and elektrokauter kryospray to remove minor skin formations (warts fibromky ...) is performed treatment of lymphatic edema.

Obesity Treatment - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: Based on experience, we recommend patients take along a belt and / or braces! Smiling. Treatment of obesity in the bath LOWER LIPOVÁ has a long tradition. In the treatment of our specialists based not only on their expertise, but also the experience of treating obesity in a spa environment. The actual treatment of obesity is the detailed analysis of eating and physical stereotypes is determined professional and interest burden in relation to the development of obesity. An integral part of the treatment is the analysis of body composition on high-end devices InBody 720 (especially the amount and distribution of body fat). Based on an initial examination by an expert team followed the recommended procedure for weight reduction. Active procedures proposed by health experts, relaxation treatments are largely selected patients. The treatment is weight reduction diet, which is not only restricted food intake, but is mainly focused on the selection and preparation of food so that no reduction in the loss of muscle mass, but only body fat. Reduction program is taken out of the context of modern healthy lifestyle, therefore includes individual care of the musculoskeletal system and relaxation treatments that release excess muscle and mental tension. Simultaneously, these treatments help the weight loss process such as manual lymphatic drainage to support the return of lymph from areas affected by cellulite. Important factors in the reduction of weight also represents the environment in which our bath located.

Spa Treatment Childhood Obesity - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: Spa treatment belong to the system of comprehensive care for children with overweight and obesity, is part of a long-term treatment plan. The possibility of spa treatment of obesity of children and adolescents regulates Indication list of spa care for adults, children and adolescents, defined by Decree No. 267/2012 Coll., And the indication XXIV / 2 Obesity associated with other risk factors and obesity in compliant patients. Proposal for a spa treatment exposes practitioner for children and adolescents or specialist pediatrician and the doctor confirms it review health insurance, where the child is registered. Spa treatment of obesity is complex, thus fully covered by public health insurance. It is intended for children and adolescents aged 3-18 years (aged 3-6 years accompanied by legal guardian) and its usual length is 4 weeks.

Spa treatment of adult obesity - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: Obesity in adults with Spa Lower Lime treated by outpatient. The treatment program is created individually for the patient after initial examination, considering its age, degree of obesity, fat distribution and the presence of health complications.

Treatment of Musculoskeletal - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: Musculoskeletal system, particularly its functional disorders are the most common cause of pain at all. Often they are "treated" by tablets, injections or injections without diagnosed their underlying cause or causes. Take the opportunity to expert analysis of your musculoskeletal system. Based on this analysis, you will be recommended the best drugless approach to addressing the causes of your difficulties. Experts will also tell you how to treat your body optimally.

Diabetes treatment - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: Principles of treatment of patients with disorders of the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids in the Lower Lime Spa consists of diet therapy, the motion mode and educational program, additional program then takes into account the current state of the patient. An integral part of the laboratory monitoring of treatment effect.

Repeated reductive stay - SPA resorts Dolní Lipová: This residence is designed for those clients who are already in our spa treatment of overweight and obesity have received. Length of stay is individual to the needs and requirements of the client. The stay includes: accommodation as required, diet - diet No. 8 Examination: analysis of body composition analysis + analysis. Requirements for active and passive treatments sent to the client in advance before entering the residence.

Spa services: Children’s Hospital, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Emergency medical care service, Spa treatment for adolescents, Hour nurse service, Spa treatment for children, Drinking regime, Cryotherapy, Yoga, Open-air therapy, hiking trips, Medicinal cosmetics, Psychotherapy, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Laser-therapy, Dietary therapy, Paraffin therapy, Therapeutic physical training, Bubble baths, Reflexology, Natural additive baths, Peloid mud wraps, Drinking therapy, Ultrasound, Hydrotherapy, Lymfoven, Baths

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician, Check-up by Physician, Entry examination by physician including instructions for patient, EKG, Basic biochemical examination

Natural therapeutic sources: Peloid mud, Climato-therapy - Alpine atmosphere

Treating diseases of indication: Metabolism disorders and disorders of internal secretion glands, Nervous disorders, Motion organs, Post-operative states, states after personal accidents and convalescence, Skin diseases and burns, Obesity and overweight, Neurological disorders, Diabetes melitus, Arthritis, Bechterev disease

Other types of therapy: Sleep, Relaxation walks, Climato-therapy


Description of restaurant: SPA Dolní Lipová - Boarding: The offered boarding allows for selection between full boarding and making use of different combinations. Meals are distributed in two-hour intervals, and the latest findings from the dietology field are used during the preparation of the meals. Our experts are very particular about the diet´s balance. Diet No. 8, specific for our spa, found recognitions among professionals in the Czech Republic and abroad. We naturally serve different types of diet corresponding to the spa diet system. It is also possible to ask for the compilation of an individual menu.

Diet Boarding:

No. 2 – Considerate diet: This diet is served to patients with chronic diseases of the digestive tract. The meals are prepared by boiling and stewing. There is no selection possible in this diet.

No. 3 – Rational diet: We prepare this diet for the guests coming to the spa for relaxation and selected medical stays, as optimum suitable food, the composition of which does not burden the body. There are no limitations concerning the preparation of meals. Fatty food is intentionally missing. We prepare the meals by baking, boiling, and stewing.

No. 8 – Reduction diet: Reduction diet positively affects human weight; correct and regular application causes gradual weight reduction and improvement of physical functions. The diet is balanced in calories and biologically. It is only available as a part of a medical stay.

No. 9 – Diabetic diet: Diabetic diet is prepared as a low-cholesterol one, with no possibility of selection. It is important to abide by the correct time distribution between the individual meals. The main principle is in excluding food containing free concentrated sugars (saccharides), and in limitations of food containing sugars in the form of polysaccharides (composite sugars).


Sport activity opportunities:
Bowling (4 km), Ping-pong, Bicycle rental, Drill-hall, Fittness, Tennis hall (4 km), Tennis-court (500 m), Horse riding (4 km), Squash (10 km), Schwimming-pool (4 km), Sauna, Baseball field, Billiard, Ski school (300 m), Darts, Solarium, Centre winter sports, Bike routes
Right in the spa will offer courses where you can play volleyball, football and soccer, or sit by the campfire, table tennis hockey, billiards and chess. The Bath House is Joan sauna. Nearby are tennis courts, spa and Jeseník (4 km bus ride) are also a number of sports facilities: tennis, bowling, squash, fitness, municipal swimming pool. In wintertime, Jeseníky skiing centers in several ski on groomed slopes and cross-country skiing.

Congress services:
Telephone, Stage, Laser Pointer, Data projector, Internet Connection, Dance Floor, Speaker Stand, Built-in Projection Screen, Copier, Sound Services, Special Lighting, Coat Room, Projection screen, Flower Arrangements, Flipchart, Wireless microphone

SPA Dolní Lipová - Training - Conference: they have more than ten years of experience in organizing national and international conferences. Max. capacity is 180 seats. Equipped with standard audio visual equipment is available. According to the ideas organizer can provide cultural programs and other services.

Capacity for conferences:
Congress Hall No. 1 Národní dům (Seating capacity 300)

Congress Hall No. 2 Kavárna (Seating capacity 80)

Conference Room No.1 Johanka (Seating capacity 20)

Accommodation Price-list:


Half-board price: 198
Full-board price: 297
Price includes:

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