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Spa Turčianske Teplice Hotel AQUA Turčianské Teplice, Turčianské Teplice Accommodation

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Hotel AQUA Spa Turcianske Teplice - accommodation and healing of Turcianske Teplice ...

Hotel Aqua** - The thermal water of the Turiec spa rich in mineral salts has demonstrably healing effects on diseases of the locomotive organs and urinary, neural, and gynecological problems. The high contents of calcium, magnesium and fluorine are utilized for drinking cures as prevention against osteoporosis, multiple types of kidney stones, and against gall bladder problems and intestinal diseases.

The thermal water classification as per the Ministry of Health Service of the Slovak Republic Decree No. 212/2000 Coll.:

Natural healing, medium mineralized, hydrogen-carbonated, magnesium-calcic, with a higher concentration of magnesium and fluorine, slightly acidic, thermal hot, hypotonic with the total mineralization 1,508 – 1,514 mg.l-1 and the temperature of 44.3 – 45.4 centigrade.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroom

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, shower, toilet in room, TV, telefon, radio

Basic information: lift, medical services to hand, reserved parking Lot, Internet Connection

Number of floors: 4

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (0 m)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: An experienced team of experts consisting of doctors and health care workers specialized in a variety of medical specialties is awaiting you in the spa of Turčianske Teplice. The team will be happy to take intense care of your health. Our unique thermal water with a high concentration of mineral nutrients and demonstrably beneficial effects along with the spa procedures combined with our healthy cuisine will pour the life-giving energy into your body. The Turiec spa is the only facility of the kind in Slovakia to cure kidney and urinary tract complaints with both children and adults. Distinct successes are made in the treatment of diseases of the locomotive organs and the digestion system. The thermal water beneficially affects and eases gynecological problems of children and adults patients’ neural disorders. The experts will always choose the best out of the variety of curing procedures.
The up-to-date equipment of our doctors' offices supports the recreation and treatment. You'll be in good hands here during your entire stay!

Spa services: Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Complete in-house therapy, Oxygen therapy, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Laser-therapy, Therapeutic physical training, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician

Treating diseases of indication: Oncological, Digestive organs, Nervous disorders, Motion organs, Kidneys and urinal tract, Female and gynaecological disorders

Other types of therapy: Sleep, Relaxation walks



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Date2 bedroomAdditional bed

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Spa Turčianske Teplice Hotel AQUASpa Turčianske Teplice Hotel AQUASpa Turčianske Teplice Hotel AQUA
BOOKING - Non-binding order

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