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Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary Accommodation

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Hotel Carlsbad Plaza Mariánskolázeňska Carlsbad - unterkunft in Karlovy Vary..

The reconstruction of the historical building from the late 18th century, which was known as Rudolfshof (Rudolphs Court) and which, since the beginning of its existence, had been providing services at first to travellers and later to spa guests, among others also to the first Turkish President, Kemal Atatürk, has remodelled this architectural gem into its modern lay out on the inside, while fully preserving its outer historical appearance.

In its 160 guest rooms, the Carlsbad Plaza hotel offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation and all the services that may be required by modern 21st century travellers. An exquisite menu with international cuisine, which would be relished even by the most fabled of fairy tale kings, world wine brands and a pleasant relaxing atmosphere is offered by three restaurants, cafés, and bars. The cosy interior of the Sorrento Restaurant, which will take you on a short journey back to the time of your summer vacation by the sea, with its abundant buffet tables available throughout the day, or perhaps the refined atmosphere of the "La Bohéme" Restaurant with its marvellous French cuisine and a not less outstanding French chef, an enticing wine card and irresistible desserts will create a private oasis of peace and ease especially for you. This will be most certainly augmented by the appetizing aroma of the specialities of Oriental cuisine offered by the "Sweet Orient" Restaurant and prepared by a genuine Japanese chef. Delicious sushi, delicate kung-pao, and its eye-appealing interior evoking the picturesque landscape of the lands of the Orient will undoubtedly attract you to come and enjoy pleasant moments with your friends. You may end your pleasurable afternoon spent at the cosy "Bon Soire" Café in the private atmosphere of the "Old Times" Bar with excellent music and an alluring air of the Victorian era.

The nostalgic picturesque ambience of the ancient spa town with its typical atmosphere and genius locci of the old times may be found in the first Wellnessland in Karlovy Vary, in the "Alt Karlsbad". Take advantage of actively regenerating your mental and physical strength and select from a wide variety of procedures in the "Wasserplatz" with a thermidarium, two pools with a whirlpool and thermal mineral water, or a large swimming pool with a counterflow jet. You will personally experience the effect of seven kinds of sauna in the "Saunadorf", slow down your pulse in the tranquil atmosphere of the "Relaxgarten" with heated sunbeds and water beds and relaxing music, and indulge in the pampering experience of unbelievably pleasant and effective Thai massages that will undoubtedly get you in a pleasant mood. Moreover, you can complement your lost calories with a small dainty in the Kaiserhof Bar and hush up your twinges of conscience by thorough exercise in the fitness centre.
The unique Medical Spa Gallery balneologic complex exploits not only the abundant natural thermal mineral resources, but also new methods of treatment and state-of-the-art technological equipment. The well-established tradition of Carlsbad spa treatment in a central balneologic facility aids in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and locomotive organs, endocrine glands, in particular diabetes mellitus, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. You can select from an extensive offer of spa procedures ? thermal mineral baths, classic and untraditional massages, electro procedures, peat wraps, as well as individual or group curative therapy, e.g. water gymnastics, which will certainly help you.

The Hall offers appropriate premises and state-of-the-art technical facilities for incentive and congress events, concerts as well as other cultural events, with a total capacity of 250 seats and the possibility to use the interconnectable Churchill, Masaryk and Kennedy lounges, or the more intimate atmosphere of the Atatürk Lounge with an original and rare interior, so carefully protected during the reconstruction. A corresponding variety of hotel services is a matter of course, the Dessange beauty and hair salon, boutiques of world brands, an outstanding offer of concierge services, a pleasant lobby bar with a fireplace, parking, detailed information will be readily provided by our complaisant staff.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomApartment

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, bathtub, shower, toilet in room, safe, Air-conditioning in Shared Spaces, TV, telefon, cable TV, DVD, internet Connection, minibar, rooms with Kitchen, crib available, hairdryer

Basic information: lift, barrier-free Access, air-conditioning, childcare, medical services to hand, non-smoking rooms, parking garage, reserved parking Lot, parking lot, locking car park, supervised car park, massage salon, pedicure, manicure, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser, pets allowed, restaurant

Credit cards: American Express, EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro, Visa

Description of vicinity: Hotel Carlsbad Plaza - Karlovy Vary: Do not let slip the opportunity and visit Karlovy Vary, a town of healing springs, rich history, magnificent architecture and countryside. This world-renowned spa lies in the valley of the Teplá River, on its confluence with the Ohře River. The town was founded in 1350 by the Bohemian king and Roman Emperor, Charles IV. The development of the town has always been linked with the healing effects of the local healing springs. In the early 19th century, owing to physician Václav Payer from Loket, water from the Carlsbad springs was also used for drinking cures. Present-day spa treatment comprises the intake of mineral water, classic spa procedures, as well modern physiotherapy.

Water from 13 mineral springs is used for drinking cures, the temperature of which ranges from 42°C to 72°C and the most famous of which is the Hot Spring, springing 15 almost meters high. Natural curative resources (hot mineral springs, natural carbon dioxide, healing mud, etc.) are utilised in combination with the latest medical methods for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, paradentosis, diabetes mellitus and diseases of the locomotive organs. Karlovy Vary is the most sought after and the most visited spa in the Czech Republic. The present appearance of the town was created mainly in the late 19th century in the style of historicism and Art Nouveau. Among its most noteworthy monuments, we may find the Castle Tower of Charles IV, the orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul, and the Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Karlovy Vary is also famous for its traditional manufacture of Moser glass, Thun porcelain, Becherovka herbal liqueur, Mattoni mineral water, mineral salt, healing cosmetics and thermal tuff souvenirs. The town has an abundant cultural programme, several cultural events of international significance are held here every year. We can mention the International Jazz Festival, Tourfilm, a festival of tourism-oriented films, and above all the International Film Festival, bringing film stars from all over the world to Karlovy Vary. Do not let slip the opportunity to fall in love with this charming town.

Accessibility of facility:

Mass transportation stop name: autobus č.2 (200 m)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

The Medical Spa Gallery - an unique balneologic complex applying not only traditional methods and procedures and particularly natural thermal and mineral water, but also new methods of treatment. The well-established tradition of Carlsbad spa treatment in a central balneologic facility utilising top technology for treatment, will aid you in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and locomotive organs, endocrine glands, especially diabetes mellitus, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. To improve you health, we offer a large variety of spa procedures, which will help regenerate your health condition with the active support of our qualified medical personnel.

The first Wellnesland in Karlovy Vary, the Alt Karlsbad, designed in the style of old Carlsbad with its typical atmosphere and "genius loci", offers the possibility to actively regenerate physical and mental strength, For better orientation, you may choose from a variety of wellness procedures in the "WASSERPLATZ" with a thermidarium - a pre-heating room, a large swimming pool with whirlpools, an large anatomically shaped whirlpool, a small whirlpool and a thermal pool i.e. the "Water World", which will certainly attract you and especially your children with its irresistible atmosphere. The "KAISERHOF" fit bar is located within the complex and here, you can quickly regain lost calories and replenish them in a palatable manner.

The "SAUNADORF" - Finnish sauna, Russian sauna, Turkish steam bath, salt sauna, aroma sauna - are only a sample of the abundant offer. It is definitely worth trying, especially in combination with the "Wasserplatz" attractions.

"STILLHOF" We offer a rest room with classic beds, water beds, heated sunbeds and relaxation music to soothe and relax your organism. Or perhaps the "RELAXGASSE" - an enchanting place, where the dexterous fingers of masseurs will drive away the last remnants of fatigue and stress from your body. And how about a traditional massage, a fragrant aroma massage, an appealing stone massage topped with a "Caracalla" bath in the end? By now, you must be certain that you cannot let slip such an offer. And one last comment in the end: A bathrobe, slippers, and a bathing cap are required to enter the Wellnesland pool, therefore, kindly use the option to bring these items from your room; you can buy a bathing cap at the Spa reception.

Spa services: Spa Sanatorium, Wellness hotel, Castle Wellness Hotel

Therapeutic procedures: Complete in-house therapy, Cryotherapy, Oxygen therapy, Plastic surgery, Medicinal cosmetics, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Dry gas baths, Paraffin therapy, Recuperative swimming, Therapeutic physical training in swimming pool, Therapeutic physical training, Bubble baths, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician, Check-up by Physician, Entry examination by physician including instructions for patient, EKG

Treating diseases of indication: Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Digestive organs, Metabolism disorders and disorders of internal secretion glands, Respiratory organs (Non-tubercular), Motion organs, Kidneys and urinal tract, Female and gynaecological disorders, Post-operative states, states after personal accidents and convalescence, Skin diseases and burns, Obesity and overweight


Description of restaurant: LA BOHÉME: Its attractive interior, an abundant assortment of the best French cuisine can offer, a tempting menu, a rich choice of vintage wines, cocktails, it is also suitable for special festive events

SORRENTO: Its homely interior lures you with the aroma of morning coffee and a rich breakfast for a successful start into your new day, or for a quick lunch or an informal dinner. The right place to spend pleasant moments with your friends at any time during the day.

SWEET ORIENT: The appetizing aroma of Oriental cuisine specialities, delicious sushi, delicate kung-pao, a grand wine card and its eye-appealing interior evoking the picturesque landscape of the lands of the Orient ? you can find all this in the restaurant, aspiring to become the attraction of the Carlsbad Plaza and most certainly of Karlovy Vary.

BON SOIR CAFE: If you fancy a small snack, a delicious titbit with a cup of your favourite coffee, you are at the right place. Enjoy it with your friends or on your own during a break of challenging business negotiations and you will see that everything will go better.

OLD TIMES: Its pleasant interior, intimate lighting, a great band and classic rhythms you can find all that in the Old Times Bar. Withal, it is not only for the oldies!


Sport activity opportunities:
Fittness, Schwimming-pool, Sauna, Bike routes, Whirpool, Mushrooming, Fishing

Congress services:
Air-conditioning, Barrier-free Access, Telephone, Stage, Fax, TV, Video , Camera, CD Player, Blackboard, Internet Connection, Dance Floor, Speaker Stand, Built-in Projection Screen, Copier, Sound Services, DVD player, Special Lighting, PC, Coat Room, Projection screen, Flower Arrangements

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza - Karlovy Vary: The Hall offers appropriate premises and state-of-the-art technical facilities for incentive and congress events, concerts as well as other cultural events, with a total capacity of 250 seats and the possibility to use the interconnectable Churchill (36 seats), Masaryk (25 seats) and Kennedy (24 seats) lounges, or the more intimate atmosphere of the Atatürk Lounge with an original and rare interior, so carefully protected during the reconstruction.

In addition, ISDN, common television antenna, TV, interactive TV mode, telephone, Internet and WiFi access are available on all the premises, and the Hall offers top Bose ultrasound, scenic and ,intelligent, lighting. Interpreting services, top class catering and full cleaning services are a matter of course. Moreover, it is also possible to use the nearby Zander Hall in the Spa I building, with a capacity of 300 seats. Individual negotiations as well as smaller size business meetings may be held in the business rooms furnished with an office and appropriate technical equipment (Internet, copier, telephone, fax, scanner).

Capacity for conferences:
Congress Hall No. 1 Masaryk Lounge (Seating capacity 30)

Business Centre no.1 (Seating capacity 250)

Business Centre no.2 Churchill Lounge (Seating capacity 42)

Business Centre no.3 Kennedy Lounge (Seating capacity 24)

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomApartmentApartmentApartmentApartment
1.1-31.12Queen 133-248Comfort 146-286Junior Suite 356-546Carlsbad Suite 416-636Splendid Suite 456-676Wellness Suite 496-736

Currency: EUR

Half-board price: 50
Full-board price: 60
Price includes:

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